Mini Interview With Rich Adams, Author of FRACTURED

Mini Interview With Rich Adams, Author of FRACTURED

Second Wind: How long had the idea of your book been developing before you began to write the story?

Rich Adams: At least a year. Always a science buff, I became intrigued by a book, The Floor of the Sea by William Wertenbaker, the story of Plate Tectonics and the work of Maurice Ewing. Then, problems with nuclear waste, which was in the news at the time, caught my attention.. This was in the mid-seventies. At the time I was ‘between positions, ‘a euphemism for out of work, and decided to give writing a try.. It had been mostly written and then placed in a drawer when life got in the way. Beginning in 2010 I worked on rewriting and bringing it up to date for about a year and then spent two years trying to get it published.