Featured Author of the Day: S. M. Senden

Clara's WishFeatured Author of the Day: S. M. Senden

Christian Lindgren has lost that which he holds most dear, his daughter. In a haunting dream she comes to him and shows him where she is. He can not rest until he can get help to find her. When a search is mounted on a foggy day she is found in a shallow grave just as his dream predicted. But what exactly occurred? Bergin Halverson takes up the task of searching for the truth of what happened the night Miss Lindgren disappeared putting himself and his family in peril until at last, nearly thirty-five years later he is able to reveal that truth and put to rest the many ghosts that have haunted him over the years.

Click here to read the first chapter of CLARA’S WISH: http://secondwindbooks.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/claras-wish-by-s-m-senden/