Featured Author of the day: Mairead Walpole

A Love Out of TimeFeatured Author of the day: Mairead Walpole

Olivia Vernon has thought a lot about the concept of soul-mates. All her life, she has been waiting for someone to appear, dreaming of him, and convinced if he exists at all he’s probably living in a different time zone. She wasn’t that far from the truth.

Alden Scott was one of the lucky ones, or so he thought. He found his soul-mate and was glad to trade in his bachelor days for a life of matrimonial bliss but fate, the Fae, and an irritated goddess had other plans. Little does he know that a simple stroll along a garden path one summer night will complicate his life more than he could ever imagine.

Alden Scott and Olivia Vernon are about to find out just how powerful the bond of two souls united can be when they find A Love Out of Time.

Click here to read the first chapter of A LOVE OUT OF TIME: http://secondwindbooks.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/a-love-out-of-time-by-mairead-walpole/