Mini Interview with Lazarus Barnhill, author of LACEY TOOK A HOLIDAY

Mini Interview with Lazarus Barnhill, author of LACEY TOOK A HOLIDAY

Second Wind: How long do the ideas for your books take to develop?

Lazarus Barnhill: Beside my bed I keep a spiral notebook that has the outlines for two dozen books in it. Whenever I get an idea for a book, I write down a tentative title (you call the baby something when it’s born, although in the long run it creates its own true name), the basic plot and the key characters. Over time I, as I brood about the stories, I’ll go back to my notebook and add more detail, alter the plot, rename the characters, etc. The stories continue to grow. In a way they “become ripe” over time—that is, I get to a point where I can’t help but start the actual writing process. Each ripens at its own pace. CADDO CREEK, the sequel to LACEY TOOK A HOLIDAY, chronologically takes place ninety years after the original story and was actually conceived after the “first sequel,” LACEY’S CHILD. I guess the bottom line to the question for me is that a story is a living thing: it develops within the author’s being and emerges when the time is right for it.